jada pinkett smith’s wig in gotham was picked up from a hood beauty supply store 





Since everyone is shedding light on Sam Pepper for all of his sexual harassment towards women in his videos, I think we need to visit a topic that has never really been fully brought to everyone’s attention. Which is Shane Dawson.

Aside from his obvious…


shockingly, kids are sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced stacks of paper!!!!!! who wouldve thought!!!!!!
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talk about perspective. shit.

Fucking hell.

I remember the first time I saw a map of Africa to scale. My jaw dropped.

okay but africa is a continent…
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Anonymous sent: I'll believe white people can be victims of racism when poc can murder white people in broad daylight hanging them from a tree and have their families out to watch including police officers and clergymen and no one gets arrested for it.



Anonymous sent: Does Asian porn ever affect your dating life? Are u expected to be more submissive? I was watching a documentary on white men marrying Asian mail order brides and one of the main reasons they wanted to marry them was bc they were more traditional/submissive. It was actually rly gross imagining how they were gonna treat their future wives


Why I hate dating and don’t do so unless I’ve known the person for a while, due to expectations like this:

-Being quiet




-Secretly super kinky

-Only liking white boys

-******Virgin****** (it’s a social construct and the proper term is “not having sexual intercourse before” but people use virgin more commonly)




-Non argumentative and non confrontational

Those are just some of the things expected of me as an Asian woman and yeah porn has a shit ton to do with it cause I can’t even tag my shit as “asian woman” without being found my Asian fetish blogs and I can’t even look up “Asian woman” without seeing porn.

Asian babe, Asian girls, Asian women, big Asians, little Asians, Asian schoolgirls, naughty Asian, dominant Asian, etc etc etc

UGH. Fetishization is not a fucking compliment.